Wellbeing Reset Programme

A strategic approach to maximising your wellbeing investment

The last couple of years have seen a seismic shift in wellbeing. One of the most exciting trends to emerge is the growing recognition that health and wellbeing is critical to delivering long term business success. A healthy workforce is a productive workforce.

When wellbeing is done well, staff are more engaged, and the business enjoys a reputation as an employer of choice. However, when it comes to wellbeing one-off initiatives do not cut it. To deliver productivity gains and staff retention, a strategic approach is a must.

A wellbeing strategy is unique to each business, its people, culture, and corporate goals. It enjoys a clear mission, strong leadership, and measurable outcomes.

The Wellbeing Reset Programme is all this, and more. Wellbeing Reset will help you prioritize the aspects of wellbeing that matter most to your staff.

Our approach is evidenced based and draws on over 30 years of team experience in delivering wellbeing that works. Since the pandemic alone we have audited wellbeing for over 40 organisations, ranging from Health Boards and NHS Trusts, to the tech companies, finance and insurance, construction, education, and social care.

Drop us a line today on info@emmageorgeconsutling.co.uk to discuss how we can help reset wellbeing in your business.